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James 1:1 - A Servant

James 1:1:  James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ …

In our study of James, we don’t get very far before we are given cause to stop and take a deeper look into the truths and treasures we encounter in this letter.

In the opening verses, James, the author, introduces himself as a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is commonly accepted that the author of this book is the half-brother of Jesus. This realization might cause someone to reflect on why James chose to introduce himself as a servant of Christ, rather than name-dropping or boasting about his relationship to the Messiah.

Further reflection might lead to contemplation on our own description of ourselves and whether we would be so inclined to follow suit.

James, at some point in his life, grew to understand that the wonder of his relationship with Jesus did not lie in the realm of earthly relationships, but rather in the realization that Jesus was, indeed, the person He declared Himself to be. James, as he describes himself as an obedient, humble, and loyal servant, is outright acknowledging that he is totally under the control of his master.

Do you know that as a Christian, that’s our biggest deal?

You may be a servant housewife, you may be a servant teacher, you may be a servant mom, you may be a servant whatever you are, but ultimately, your best piece on your résumé is that you are a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Reflection Questions:

Where are you on your journey to spiritual maturity?

Can you genuinely say that you consider yourself to be God’s obedient, humble, and loyal servant?

Are you totally under the control of your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ?

Is your life outwardly reflecting that truth?

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